• Fixed issue #14 (FBA Pack 2013) – Slow Manage Users page with 1000’s of users


  • Fixed issue #860 – Garbage collection was causing an exception under some circumstances.


  • Fixed issue where users cannot access sub sites if they did not have any permissions to the site collection root web


  • Fixed deployment issue where assembly was not loaded in some cases, so feature was not being enabled properly.


  • Added a password reset page that allows the user to either automatically reset a password or set a specific password for the user.
  • Search and page settings are now saved on the User Management page as you edit/create new users. Thanks to Bernd @ Solvion for providing this.
  • The email templates can now be edited directly from the FBA Site Configuration page. This also removes the requirement of trusting the root certificate in an SSL environment.
  • The deployment scripts no longer require a specific site to be specified to enable the feature on.
  • Updated Change Password menu to use the page specified in the FBA Site Configuration page. Thanks to Bernd @ Solvion for providing this.
  • Added the version number to the FBA Site Configuration page.
  • Changed the source control from TFS to Mercurial.
  • Many bug fixes:
    • Issue# 701, 702 – Updated to ensure that the user was successfully created before sending the membership pending email. Also created all accounts as disabled, and only enable them when they are approved – this prevents users from resetting their password and logging in.
    • Issue# 797 – Fixed password recovery web part to always send the templated email even if the mailsettings are set in the web.config
    • Issue# 683 – Updated the Password recovery web part to run with elevated permissions when sending the email
    • Issue# 689 – Fixed missing/invalid resource keys
    • Issue# 689 – Updated the build to create en-US resource files from the default resource files – to get rid of SharePoint warnings that the files don’t exist. Also updated the build to synchronize new additions to the default resource files to their language specific counterparts.
    • Item# 772 – Fixed to programmatically add the event receiver to the membership review list, as the declarative definition was causing the event receiver to be attached to all lists.
    • Issue# 802 – Fixed duplicate FBA Menu ID’s
    • Issue# 804 – Updated unknown error message to be more specific
    • Issue# 675 – Relaxed email validation on the New User/Edit User pages
    • Issue# 666 – Turned off autocomplete on the User Management new user page
    • Issue# 651 – Fixed duplicate content in the the resource file
    • Issue# 650 – Updated the cancel buttons on MembershipRequest and ChangePassword to not cause validation.
    • Issue# 624 – Updated the OK button on the site configuration page to return the user to the settings page.


  • Web parts are now fully customizable via html templates (Issue #323)
  • FBA Pack is now completely localizable using resource files. Thank you David Chen for submitting the code as well as Chinese translations of the FBA Pack!
  • The membership request web part now gives the option of having the user enter the password and removing the captcha (Issue # 447)
  • The FBA Pack will now work in a zone that does not have FBA enabled (Another zone must have FBA enabled, and the zone must contain the membership/role web.config entries)
  • Added Last Login Date to the User Management screen (Issue #399)
  • Users can now be added to SharePoint from the User Management page by adding them to a group.
  • Fixed the breadcrumbs on the Site Settings pages
  • Fixed bugs relating to groups from other sites as well as missing groups. Cleaned up User Information List lookup. Thank you Sigan for submitting the fixes! (Issues #420,421,422)
  • The web parts now display errors more clearly if they occur or if FBA has not been properly configured (Issue #380)
  • Many other bug fixes


  • Added search to User Management page (Issue #314)
  • Adjusted the Password Recovery web part to allow the user to be looked up by email address (Issue #319)
  • Added the ability to unlock a locked user account from the User Management page (Issue #315)
  • Fixed Create/Edit user page so that errors display on the page instead of showing the SharePoint 2010 error page (Issue # 318)
  • Adjusted Captcha to be easier to read (Issue #367)
  • Fixed logging and added diagnostics service


  • Fixed User Management screen when “RequiresQuestionAndAnswer” set to true
  • Reply to Email Address can now be customized
  • User Management page now only displays users that reside in the membership database
  • Web parts have been changed to inherit from System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart, so that they will display on anonymous application pages


  • Modified to work properly with child sites and sites where the site collection is not in the root of the web application (Thanks daford!)
  • Fixed to work on web apps where the default zone is not configured for FBA
  • Fixed the Membership Request web part to work for anonymous users
  • Fixed links in Password Recovery email
  • Synchronized password recovery and new user password to a minimum 14 chars
  • Set default link on Change Password web part continue button
  • Fixed URL Problems with Application Pages (due to url rewriting Request.URL does not return actual url)


  • Updated deployment scripts to delete an aborted Timer Job if one exists.


  • Initial Release

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